Throughout the year we fill and collect items for the Samaritan's Purse. The children that receive boxes would love to have you take part in creating a shoebox filled with fun and necessity items. Below is a list of items that we collect and that can be placed in a shoebox.  We have boxes at the church that you can fill or bring in your items and we will pack them into a shoebox on November 13th at 3-5pm during our packing party.

Here is a great video:  click here

What a joy to spreading the love of Jesus to the children all around the world. Join us in collecting items, filling boxes and helping us meet our

Goal of 200 boxes.

So far this year we have 34 boxes completed and have received $200 for postage and $150 for supplies.

Here is the current list of supplies we have to put into boxes (remember our goal is 200 for each item below)

20 dolls                                         53 bracelets

21 necklaces                                 56 coloring books/activity books

132 boxes of crayons                 200 erasers

100 soccer balls and pumps       100 mics toys and instruments

18 stuffed animals

500 + pencils                                10 pens       1 box of colored pencils

29 prs of socks                             88 dresses

50 Combs                                     12 headbands

12 soap  & washcloth packets      16 washcloths

16 mini notepads

We desperately need notebooks, soap, washcloths, and fun filler items.

If you would please remove as much packaging as possible. Soaps can remain in their plastic wrap and toy/game instructions need to stay attached, but I would appreciate tags and packaging on other items to be removed.

We accept money donations. Click here to make a donation. Scroll down to "Donation Button". For the supplies, use the OCC Supplies Fund and for to help with the $9 postage, use the OCC Postage Fund.

Spreading love to the children all around the world. 

operation christmas child

packing party

Our packing party was a great success. We exceeded our goal for boxes. Thank you for helping us.

We are beginning a new season. We would love to have you involved with this great ministry. Here are some ways you can get involved:

First, you can make a donation to the Operation Christmas Child. The funds will help cover the cost of shipping the boxes. Please make a donation specifying those funds to go towards shipping.  Click here.

Second, you can pack your own shoebox and drop it off at the church either Sunday mornings, or Thursday nights 5-6:30pm.

To learn how to pack a shoe box click here.

Third, you can build a shoebox online! These are the boxes that make it to the hard to reach areas (areas that have sensitivities due to strict cultural and religious restrictions). These boxes are curated with high quality items to meet those standards and still impact the life of a child! The cost, including shipping, is $25 per box. Click here

Using our church's goal page in the link above will have your box built online. It will be included in our numbers.