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  • Grace: Finding Significance through serviing

    Join us as we study what it means to serve the Lord in this broken world. Jesus gave us a very clear commission; “Go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Jesus’ disciples do three very clear actions: worship, fellowship and serve the Lord. We worship the Lord because we have been saved by the Lord. We are new with new hearts that want to praise Him. We love the Lord and we love one another. We enter into fellowship with one another around the Word of God. And, we serve the Lord. We humbly offer ourselves as living sacrifices that He can bring His blessing to the world around us, through us.

  • Psalms: Grace for our Emotions

    We are continuing our theme: "Grace Transformed for Impact." Life is full of "Mountains Highs and Valley Lows" 

    This summer we will discover God's deep concern for the range of our emotions. We will also celebrate the Lord has a way through our emotions. He has healing, comforts and restoration. 

  • The Amazing power of focus

    We all have dreams and goals for the New Year. To accomplish the dreams and goals we need to focus. We are focusing by doing "40 Days of Prayer and Fasting for Revival." Join us as we focus on God's power and blessings in the New Year.

  • advent Season

    Our theme for this Advent Season is; "Living Life in Between." The early church celebrated that Jesus came into the world the first time. They celebrated that He could return the second time at any moment. Consequently, they lived life between the two comings with Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. We celebrate all four in this series. To hear the Advent messages click on the picture to the left.

  • Daring Faith is about Biblical Stewardship. We learn that God owns all things; this is His universe. He graciously entrust to us all we have. Through Biblical principals we learn how to care for all the Lord has placed into our hands. Listen in as we develop a "Daring Faith." 

  • Philosophers have searched for centuries for the meaning of life. God has revealed the meaning of life through His powerful Word. Listen in as we discover that we have been created by God, for God to enjoy God. 

  • Do not Fear

    We recently did a sermon series entitled: "Do not be Afraid." There are three distinct fears we share as human beings: The fear of rejection, the fear of failure, and the fear of death and dying. Listen in as we examine how the Lord Jesus is the relief and answer to all our fears. 

  • Sermon series "Fences" is loosely based on Andy Stanley's sermon series called "Guardrails." It is about acquiring Godly wisdom for our lives. In particular, we need Godly wisdom in our relationships, finances and money.