"Help Us Make the Bells Ring Again"

We have officially begun our Capital Campaign to restore the Bell Tower. We are excited and are grateful for so much support already. 

If you would like to make a tax deductible gift of any amount, you can simply scan the "Q R Code on the left and it will take you to our donation page.  All donations will safely go through "Paypal." 

Here is a summary of our project so far: 

PHASE 1. Assessment: (Complete)

We worked with architects, engineers, and masons to determine the Bell Tower's condition and the various repair methods available to us. The Church leadership determined the best overall method is to repair place.

PHASE 2: Temporary Preservation: (Complete)

The engineers advised us to wrap the Bell Tower to protect the structure. (This has been the root cause of the damage to the Tower)

PHASE 3: Funding: (Current phase)

We are working with grant writers, funding organizations, and marketers to raise funds to repair the Bell Tower

PHASE 4: Scheduling:

We will schedule the work once we have raised half of our goal amount. We are in discussions with H&R Masonry in Newbury, MA

Bell Tower Project Goal: 

Our goal is to ensure the Church remains thriving and safe for community activities and the Church's mission, as well as remain aesthetically appealing for the next century. 

"Help us Make the Bells Ring Again"

Please follow this link to give a donation: Click Here


Our sincerest gratitude. 

adopt a stone

You can help us make "The Bells Ring Again" by adopting a stone. We are asking you to donate $250 to provide renovation for one stone. Your name, or your business name, will be inscribed on a brick, on the brick walkway leading to the church entry. 

To make a tax exempt donation please go to: Adopt a Stone